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I'm fucking broke. I need points DX
:iconbegplz: Please give. I'll give you a llama :iconllama3dplz: or if you want i can do a point commission

if you want a commission please note me what you want and donate ^w^

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muffin mage WIP by akatsukifila112
muffin mage WIP
yes that is Goku
yes he is a muffin mage

my sissy :iconyoukaidemon95: lent me this book on how to draw "kawaii" characters and well I've been doodling a number of kawaii style characters as practice, including Vegeta, Goku, Tien Shinhan, a few of my OCs and of course Yumiko o3o

yeah, watched DBZ abridged with my sissy and was inspired to make Goku into a muffin mage and I can't draw the DBZ style so Goku was made tiny and cute o3o

I think Goku is adorable, even in the show so I drew him adorable.
I have no regrets. 

it's been a LONG time since I watched DBZ, so I started watching Dragonball Kai and Dragonball 
I'm so (not) sorry by akatsukifila112
I'm so (not) sorry
So this is a WIP of Hidan dressed as a magic girl
yeah, so I was doing these daily art prompts and one of them was "draw your favorite anime character dressed as a magic girl"
so I drew Hidan dressed kinda like Sailor Moon, and I gave him a frilly thong because why the fuck not?

okay, so, I lost my sketchbook recently, but thankfully I took pics of my Pokemon fusions and my magic girl Hidan, so w/e, I only filled about four or five pages of it so I didn't lose too much o3o
Blue flame Flareon concept by akatsukifila112
Blue flame Flareon concept
I made a blue/propane fire Flareon o3o

Correction: I made a really fucking fluffy blue fire Flareon
so, um, info

Height: 2"11 Weight: 55.1 Lbs
It breath fire that exceeds temperatures of 13000K (or about 22940F), the fire it breaths is blue and white. 

this is a concept pic for a plush I'mma make, I posted it because I think it's hella cute and I tried my hand at pastel-ish chibi colors >3<
So I don't think I'm good enough to be on this site but my friend does. So heres just a doodle of an Inuyasha Chibi I found on Google when I was bored in class. Please no negativity

embedded_item1426694743814 by youkaidemon95
I got tagged by :iconkawaiiwolves:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

1. I'm part Canadian (my dad's side)
2. I have a cat named Ed (like the big moron from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy)
3. I once threw a muffin at my laptop
4. I want to make a manga series starring Anina and her apprentice Ryuu
5. I LOVE old horror movies
6. I'm really bad about finishing my own stories and manga stuff
7. My hair is blue and will soon have a white streak
8. I once cried for half an hour because I spilled monster on three feet of white faux fur
9. I have trouble making outfits that aren't minimalistic (just look at Athena's mess of an outfit)
10. I have a big brother

1. We know you're awesome, but how awesome are you? (Compared to like pizza or unicorn, etc :3)
I am very Awesome, like a unicorn riding a pizza

2. What do you want your career to be? I want to have a career in psychology as an art therapist

3. Do you want kids? If so how many and what preferred gender? I kind of want a daughter, but I then again I don't because if she wants to learn about makeup then she'll be shit out of luck learning from me

4. What's your OTP? (Cannon, OCXCannon, OCXOC, name them all if you have them!) ~Yumiko x Ryuu (kiddie crush) >3< it's oc x oc but they are so cute! Shy little Ryuu hiding behind shorter, younger Yumiko is just too adorable! ~Konan x Itachi I don't do crack pairings much but I like this one because they look cute together. ~Kakuzu x Tsunade crack I know ~Mikasa x Erin That's about it, I don't have too many ships

5. Your favorite anime? (If you don't have one, tv show. If not that, book!) Dragon Ball Z, it was the first anime I saw and it got me into stuff like Naruto, One Piece, Hell Sing, SnK.

6. Favorite artist? (dA, manga artist, anyone!) :iconsakimichan: :icondavistownusa: and :iconcageyshick05:

7. Who's your favorite Disney character? Mulan, she's just awesome

8. Favorite comic book hero? um, uh, uh Deadpool? >.< I don't read a lot of comic books, I read mostly manga and regular books and even then I usually like the villain

9. Favorite video game? Pokemon and Metroid

10. Favorite person(s) on dA? Tag them! :iconlilaaku: :iconuzumaki-panda: :iconthecatandwolf: :icondavistownusa: :iconyaela123: :iconkoszen:

(I guess u guys got tagged for this meme o3o ......... sowwy)

1. Who is your favorite OC on DA?
2. favorite fictional villain?
3. do u liek mudkips?
4. what is your favorite book?
5. do you like pie? (I'm running out of questions)
6. who is your favorite artist that is NOT on DA?
7. where's waldo? (out of question ideas)
8. how do you feel about cats?
9. are you tired of these questions?
10. how about now?

  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: VOCALOID
  • Reading: Random articles on the internet
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Playing: Pokemon


akatsukifila112's Profile Picture
Koinu Ashi
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a digital artist that is always poking around in new mediums and playing with different drawing & coloring styles so I'm not really that consistent with my art, I like to mess around with different styles of drawing while searching for one that I feel comfortable with. I like to sew and I'm trying to get into sculpting a little.

I like manga (give me a horror manga and I'm happy), music, art, and animals.
I freaking LOVE the Vocaloids o3o my faves are Kaito and Meiko, I also recently discovered the beauty that is Lily. I also like Ritsu, but he/she isn't really a Vocaloid, this one is a Utauloid

A lot of my art is anime related and drawn in an anime style, I sometimes and I've learned that chibis are one of my strong points >3> so yeah, there are going to be lots of chibi characters in my gallery, I'm working with an art mannequin I named fred fred burger

You guys wanna help mah babies? o3o

Click Me!

Click Me!

Stamp spam o3o
Rain Stamp by Stamp221Excessive Profanity stamp by HappyStampSupport my art stamp by HappyStampOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221Poochyena + Mightyena Stamp by Heart-StampEevee Stamp by Heart-StampStamp by Kataang-furubaOvercrowded Places Stamp by Stamp221I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJOriginal Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJMario and Luigi RPG 3 Stamp by StampPKUTim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJStamps Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxStamp Insanity by Trasgo01'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsVaporeon Stamp by PFV0-StampSpecial Stamp by Kezzi-RoseKakauzu STAMP by OTalkOStyxOStampO+HIDAN+ by OTalkOStyxOStampOZukokku Stamp by OTalkOStyxOStampOPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanYou're not dark stamp by a-stamp-accountStamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsStamp Whore Stamp by mixxCloud Stamp by Kezzi-RoseWumbo Stamp by KataoiHellsing Fan Stamp by LaughteroftheLeavesAlucard Fan-Stamp by Greetings-I-Am-SAlucardFan Stamp by Onimusha8666Yuri Stamp by Lead-ExileLaughing stamp by AquaQueen27Favorite Stamp by RavechuShy Stamp by Neko-Musumestamp akatsuki by DKSTUDIOS05hidan stamp by SakamakiJustineRequest: Hidan Fan Stamp by EckilsaxI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerJack Stamp by Sinister-StarfeeshTNBC Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotSketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowexciting stamp by Elegant-RoseBender Stamp by foreverwhiteknight:thumb179564267:pervert stamp by cbaby167Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficialArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosBeing Childish Stamp by CreativenessNom Nom Attack Stamp by Sinister-Starfeeshpassion stamp by MechaBerryVocaloid Stamp by maxari4OC Stamp by MarikBentusiOC x Canon stamp by LordPendragonOfCariaOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-WeatherStamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroMikasa Stamp by mymu2Stamp SNK Mikasa by ajikajiYoung Konan Stamp. by latedawns-xokonan stamp by RyokoToraDoPuppy Stampede 8D :Stamp: by KooboriSapphirePuppy stamp by sallycantwaitFar Cry 3 Stamp by SilverdragonKathy

:icontradesask: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcollabsask: :iconcommissionsopen:
If you guys want to see some more of my work that isn't on DA you can go here o3o
:Labrador: by MenInASuitcase
if you want you can ask me for my art fb via note

My sistah :iconyoukaidemon95: luv ya hoe!

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